UpComing Events

Summer League DIV II (July 3)

Summer League DIV I (July 5)

Summer League DIV III (July 9)

AMF World Cup Qualification Tournament (June 20 - 21)

Silver Cup Tournament (July 7 - 8)

Bronze Cup (September 15 - 16)

Malta Senior National Championships ()

Malta Senior Open (Oct 3 - 7)

Youth Bowling Squad

Saturday mornings at 09:30

For more information contact Liliana Spiteri on 79580921 or email on:

Bowler of the Week

Male - Justin C Scicluna - FINA

Female - Sue Abela - FINA

2019 MBC to be held in Malta. For more information see MBC 2019 Page
Sara Xuereb and Mauro Anastasi Malta Champions 2018
FOUR Medals Won by Team Malta in MBC 2018
Sara Xuereb wins Bronze Medal in EYC 2018
Marthese Cossai and Mark Spiteri wins the 5th Platinum Cup
Sara Xuereb and Philip Gruppetta wins the Under 23 National Championships